Welcome to the official website of WPLM, World Population Limitation Movement

A research in world population growth

It is a movement started out of concern for the future we leave to our children and grandchildren. The WPLM sees the challenges near future population growth brings and aims to inform others of the scope of this growth and its effects.


The aim of this research is not telling you to behave against your nature. For humans wanting and having children is the most natural thing, as natural as breathing. The aim is to provide information regarding the future your children are going to have. The writer of the research is urging you to read it,  talk about it with your loved ons, share it as much as you can. Whether you will have children, how many, or not, is entirely up to you. The WPLM research states: what you decide matters, it will determine the quality of future a child born today is going to have.

More about our research

The research

The research that the World Population Limitation Movement is based on was started when its writer made a shocking discovery: every month, 5 to 10 young, healthy Dutch women choose to have a “voluntary” sterilization because they do not believe in a future for their children. This discovery caused our writer to research near future population growth and its causes and effects. His findings are what you can read on this website.

For who?

The WPLM research is generally for as many people as possible. The writer made an effort.  An effort to translate all the numbers, graphics, statistics, projections, estimations and calculations into “spoken” language. To change demographic science research into a more accessible research into global future population growth and its consequences.

The WPLM is generally aimed at ordinary people, wherever they are on the planet. And specifically at the current generation of ordinary people who want children and thinking about having a family. Or already having a child, or children, and thinking about having some more. Because their decisions today play a key role in determining the quality of the future for next generations, as opposed to governmental institutions across the world. Read more to find out why the research states: governments do not offer solutions.


Does your organisation want to work together with the World Population Limitation Movement? Or do you want to talk about donating or fundraising? Contact the WPLM now.


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