About our research

Our research is about the future children born today are going to have. We all want the same thing: we want our children to have a better life. Children born today live to the end of this century. It is safe to say global population will increase substantially in the next 30 years but there is no agreement in projections of global long term future population growth. There it is, the core of the paradox, the dilemma we are facing. One thing matters. What we do today is of paramount importance to the quality of our children’s future. The WPLM is a research into near future population growth, and the effects it will have on future generations.


The WPLM is divided into four distinct parts: ‘People want children’, ‘People want protein’, ‘Too many, too much’, and ‘Basic Necessity’. Each part is focused on a different aspect of near future population growth. ‘People want children’ focuses on population growth and its causes. ‘People want protein’ looks into human consumption. ‘Too many, too much’ shows us what you get when you combine near future population growth with current human behaviour. Lastly, ‘Basic Necessity’ examines the critical challenge of ensuring access to clean drinking water for an expanding global population, highlighting the pressing issue of water scarcity in the face of overpopulation.

About WPLM

The World Population Limitation Movement foundation was established to promote the research and spread the information to as many interested people as possible. The founders prefer to remain anonymous, but to facilitate collaboration with other foundations or organisations with the same goals communication is possible.

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